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WHO gets your STUFF when YOU DIE?

Solving the Puzzle: 14 Secrets for Protecting Everyone You Love & Everything You Own!

Distributing Your Stuff: The words "wealth" and "estate" often brings to mind million-dollar mansions with beautiful rolling lawns, swimming pool waterfalls, and five-car garages. Nice images, but not what we are talking about in this chapter.

Stuff to Protect Your Children: Most of us realize that we can't control everything. We do the best we can to make wise decisions, but some things are not within our total control. This is even truer when it comes to our children.

Challenges and Choices for Widows/Widowers: In this section, we will cover things you must do immediately, and other matters that you can—and should—delay.

...and much more!

Best and apt solutions to most; if not, all your Estate Planning problems.

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